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Why I Practice Personal Primary Care

Medicine has been my calling since I was a teenager. I understood early in life that good health is the most important asset we have throughout our lives. Seeing people with unmanaged chronic illnesses — who couldn’t enjoy their life-long dreams and activities — motivated me to go to medical school. As medical students, we then face a choice of which specialty to practice. For me, the choice was easy: Internal Medicine and Personal Primary Care. I wanted to become an essential source in my patients’ lives to guide and support them as they maintained their good health and/or managed a chronic condition.

It’s important for me to establish long-term relationships with my patients, which allows me to have personal knowledge of their families, work and leisure activities, nutrition, risk factors, and early diagnosis through regular checkups.

Working in a multidimensional setting that combines outpatient appointments and services with hospital care if needed is a best model for continuity of care. And, this setting allows me to seamlessly coordinate with specialists if they also are needed to support your health care.

Practicing Personal Primary Care requires a wide scope of medical knowledge that gives a holistic outlook at the entire human body. Coordination of care is an important component of personalized care, which allows me to oversee every aspect of today’s highly specialized medicine, and provide guidance on the treatment plan.

The Spry model allows me ample time to get to know you and implement that holistic approach to personalize your care. My goal as your primary care physician is to partner with you, help you understand and improve your health and protect your most valuable asset!

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