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My Patients Call Me Lauren

If you spend any length of time in the Spry offices, you’ll notice that it’s quite common to hear my patients call me Lauren rather than Doctor. While some might interpret this as a sign of disrespect, I see it as a testament to the relationship-building philosophy we share at Spry.

My patients and I have a bond that is truly special. And it all starts with a simple conversation.

Because we make it a point to spend extra time with our patients, we get a chance to really learn about their families, their hobbies and the things in their life that are important to them.

While the additional time gives us the opportunity to connect, it’s the closeness we build that makes these discussions so incredibly meaningful.

But this closeness doesn’t just mean being friendly with each other. It has actual health benefits.

When you talk to someone you consider a friend, you’re more open and honest. You’re more likely to discuss matters that are sensitive and personal. And you’re more willing to ask questions that you might not otherwise bring up.

These are the kind of talks we’re able to have at Spry. And conversations like these lead to understanding, which enables me to make more informed decisions about a patient’s treatment plan and be more proactive in preventing and treating their conditions.

On a personal level, I believe this is an ideal way to practice medicine. I can personalize treatment plans using my expertise and understanding of that individual and I can advocate for their well-being. Because I communicate directly with them, questions do not have to wait until Monday morning.

The journey through the health care system can be challenging, and I want to streamline and simplify it as much as possible.

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