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The Benefits of Being There

Spry Personal Primary Care was founded on the notion that to deliver the highest level of care, we must give our patients the highest level of accessibility. We believe you should be able to get in to see us quickly, spend as much time as you need with us, and have the ability to connect with us beyond scheduled office visits.

From the moment we first opened our doors, we put a system in place that ensured our patients could get same-day appointments. We dramatically extended office visit times. And we made a promise that we would be available by phone or text 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We embraced telehealth before it became commonplace and will continue to utilize that technology based on our patients’ preference.

While our accessibility certainly adds a level of convenience for our patients, we’ve found it offers a wide range of health benefits, as well.

• It allows us to better address your urgent needs. Because we offer same-day appointments, we can treat your condition and get you on the road to recovery quickly. By seeing you when you’re first experiencing symptoms, we can make a diagnosis and put an effective treatment plan in place.

By giving you the ability to call or text your physician anytime, we can address health questions immediately and determine the best course of action. If we think you need to go to the emergency department or urgent care, we can make that assessment immediately, so you can get the proper level of treatment without having to wait.

If you need your prescription renewed on a Sunday, for example, you can call us, and we can make the arrangements. That way, you will never miss a dose.

• It’s better for your long-term health. Because we offer extended office appointments, we are able to build personal relationships with our patients over time. This allows us to engage in conversations that are open and honest, and it enables you to feel comfortable addressing sensitive matters that you may otherwise not want to discuss. By building a strong relationship with our patients combined with convenient access – we are able deliver comprehensive care.

• It improves your peace of mind. When it comes to our health, we all worry. Whether we feel a tinge, have a fever, or sense a sore throat coming on, we get concerned and want answers.

By giving you the ability to schedule a same-day appointment, we can give you those answers quickly, to reduce your stress and anxiety. The same is true with our phone and text access. If you have a concern or a question after hours, we’re here to answer them.

Stress can amplify a health condition. With our approach, we take every measure to put your mind at ease.

• It delivers a great return on your investment. Your Spry membership is an investment in your continued health. With our relationship-driven approach, which is founded on greater accessibility, we can take a long-term view of your care to anticipate and mitigate any health issues that may arise in the future.

At Spry, we think it’s important to be available to our patients at all times.

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