• Dr. Raisa Lerner

Why Having a Personal Primary Care Physician Is Important

At Spry, our personal primary care approach extends beyond our four walls. I take pride in being involved in the comprehensive care of my patients. I’m focused on each of my patients’ individual needs including any urgent care. In more serious or emergency situations, I will also be involved to coordinate my patients’ care. If an admission to the hospital is necessary, I stay informed of and contribute to the treatment plan. I follow up with my patients as soon as they leave the hospital to ensure their recovery is monitored. My patients at Spry know they can count on me every step of the way.

As a personal primary care physician, I also try to help you stay well. Preventative medicine is a valuable part of comprehensive wellness and plays an important role in care delivery. By staying up to date on medical recommendations, I can deliver optimal care to all my patients.

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