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What’s Happening Downtown: Cleveland Indians host All-Star Week July 5-9

The Cleveland Indians will host the Major League Baseball All-Star Game July 5-9. If you plan to join the festivities, be sure you stay hydrated in the sun and use plenty of sunscreen. Consider taking public transportation or use a ride share service to avoid crowds.

Although traditionally peanuts and hot dogs have been foods consumed during baseball games, we are fortunate to have a stadium filled with other choices from local restaurants, which offers you the opportunity to make healthier choices while enjoying America’s favorite pastime.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in and enjoy local events can be good for you. Engaging in social activities and spending time with your family and friends can boost your emotional health. Physically or psychologically connecting with something like a sports team or event can create a sense of belonging that can positively influence your mental and emotional health. There is a certain togetherness and a certain camaraderie that total strangers can achieve simply because they live in the same city and root for the same team.

Sports are emotional, and they can incite great passion. Sometimes it’s joyful, and other times it’s not.

The Spry office is located at 811 Prospect Avenue above Southern Tier Brewery, which is in walking distance of the stadium. We would be happy to meet you and give you a tour of the office on your way to or from the events.

Our current members are welcome to relax on the balcony before the game on Tuesday, July 9!

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