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Talk About Your Medicine Month

By Dr. Raisa Lerner

Following your medication regimen is important whether you take many medications or only one. If you have concerns about the number or type of medicines prescribed to you, it is important to speak with your doctor. Some patient-related factors, not specific to the type of treatment, can affect adherence to treatment regimen such as:

  1. Memory loss or concentration problems following prolonged illness.

  2. Clinical depression – found in 18 to 44 percent of cardiac patients and in many patients with chronic illness.

  3. Anxiety – may be associated with the negative interpretation of side effects and greater sensitivity to symptoms and side effects, both of which may lead to avoidance of medical treatment and caregivers.

  4. Feeling conflicted about change in your health is associated with non-adherence. Fear tends to promote initial but not sustained adherence, and also can lead to denial.

  5. Lack of clinical follow-up may adversely affect adherence and treatment outcomes. These can be substantially improved by keeping in close contact with your provider.

Improved adherence often results when clinicians use nontechnical language when communicating with patients, provide precise information about the effects of treatment and potential side effects, and collaborate on a treatment plan that incorporates the patient’s values, motivations and difficulties with treatment.

It is important to talk to your provider before stopping medications or taking more medication than the prescribed dose. This includes over the counter medications, which can interact with prescription or other over the counter medicines.

At Spry, our goal is to help you achieve your desired health outcomes. Personal primary care means we discuss your medications and how each one relates to your health condition(s). If you have concerns about your medications, we’re ready to listen.

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