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Short Wait Times Mean You Can Put Your Health First

By Dr. Lauren O’Byrne Gopal

Today, people are busy with careers, family and other obligations, which makes it difficult for them to find time to prioritize their health. Spry doesn’t have wait times, so it’s easier to predict how long you’ll be at an appointment – and that makes it easier to put your health first.

When patients come to Spry for the first time, we spend plenty of time with them – usually at least an hour. That gives us ample time to discuss medical history and patients’ personal goals for their health. Spry’s standard appointments are 30, 60 or 90 minutes with your physician. Longer appointments mean we can build relationships with our patients and help keep them healthy.

If our patients need specialist appointments, we can coordinate the next steps and schedule those appointments. Follow-up is easy because my patients always know how to reach me including outside of normal business hours. Personal primary care means we tailor your treatment plan to fit your lifestyle which busy people appreciate.

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