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Partnering with your Primary Care Physician (PCP)

We believe establishing a relationship with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) leading to a true partnership is invaluable. While we have scientific knowledge, training and tools to provide you with the best medical advice, your health outcomes will depend on how well we communicate that knowledge so that you understand.  We are your allies in your journey to health. Our goals are to develop trust and to understand your individual health care goals. Getting to know you as a whole person and all the important aspects of your life will allow us to personalize your care.

We can provide guidance through preventive recommendations and help you navigate the medical system. Partnering with us can save you unnecessary trips to the emergency room or urgent care centers. At Spry, we have patients who have dramatically decreased the number of times they go to the emergency room because those visits have been replaced by easy and ongoing communication.

We understand that the abundance of information available on the internet can be overwhelming. We will direct you to trusted sources of information and help you understand your current state of health or illness, along with various treatment options.

We want you to be an empowered, honest patient who is not afraid to say what he or she really thinks. We want you to feel comfortable. As a partner, you can help us by:

  1. Being open and honest

  2. Asking questions

  3. Being a good listener

  4. Participating in a plan of care

  5. Sticking with the plan

  6. Seeking well care (not just sick care)

That’s what being a good partner really means!

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