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How to be your best advocate

Regardless of where you access your primary care, being an advocate for yourself is important for your overall health.

Some tips to help you navigate the health care system include:

  1. Communication is essential. Preparing a list of topics to address during the visit can be helpful to cover all issues. Be honest and answer every question as best you can. Don’t leave out a symptom because you don’t think it’s important; that one symptom may be the one clue that leads to the correct diagnosis.

  2. Be informed about your illness. Ask questions and ask for clarification. Share your thought process with us including articles you’ve read or people you’ve talked to.

  3. Maintain your own medical records. If you’ve ever switched doctors or seen a specialist, having your own records can improve your experience and save you time. At Spry, we do our best to retrieve and compile all your previous medical records.

  4. Establish a personal bond with someone who is part of your care. Seek a primary care doctor who understands you and can stay in close contact with you. At Spry, we treat each patient individually and are available to field questions outside of office hours.

  5. Seek well care and preventive medicine on an annual basis. If you have a chronic illness, make sure to stay in touch with your provider even when you’re feeling well.

  6. Understand how your health insurance works. A recent survey found that more than 4 in 10 respondents don’t know basic health insurance terms. Knowing how your insurance works helps you navigate the health care system with less chance of ending up with costly, unexpected medical bills. At Spry, we can also help you understand your medical bills.

  7. Know when a second opinion is appropriate. If you have concerns about a diagnosis or treatment plan, you have an option to get a second opinion.

  8. Consider a support group, especially if you have been diagnosed with a chronic or life-changing condition.

Visit to learn how a Spry doctor can partner with you and be your best professional advocate.

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