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Ease of Scheduling Appointments Keeps My Patients Connected to Me

Patients appreciate the personal primary care we offer at Spry. I am the first point of contact for any issues my patients have, and I’m able to do that because Spry makes it easy to get an appointment. You can schedule yourself using the MySpry app, call, email or text depending on your preference. You can be assured that someone will always answer the phone and be able to assist you. Streamlining access to care improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery and increases the chance that a medical condition is diagnosed promptly.

If my patients need care beyond what I can provide at Spry, we can arrange a personal referral to a specialist. In most cases my patients can be seen by a specialist within days. Coordination of care is one of our priorities and we ensure that subspecialty appointments also fit with your schedule. When you have a health concern, we do our best to provide you with comprehensive care while respecting your personal time.

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