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Everyday Skin Care: Protect your skin

We should be protecting our skin daily, rain or shine. Harmful UVB and UVA rays can damage your skin, even through the Cleveland cloud cover. I recommend using an SPF of 15 to 30 on your face daily. SPF is our number one defense against premature aging, unwanted discoloration and harmful skin cancers.

At SPRY we offer the ZO professional skin care line, which is only available in your doctor’s office. With the ZO product line we offer a product that is a skin primer with an SPF of 30. The SPF is broad spectrum, which means it has double the protection. It not only absorbs the harmful sun rays, it also reflects them so they never have a chance to penetrate your protective barrier and cause harm to your skin. The other benefit of this product is that is works very well as a makeup primer, so you only have to use one product instead of several. There is no tint in this product, so it can be used by everyone for skin protection.

Whether you are just going for a drive or will be enjoying the summer sun, always remember to protect your skin.

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