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Cold Weather Skin Care

In the cold winter months, our skin can become extremely dry and irritated. We must change the way we care for our skin during this season.

There are many simple changes you can add to your daily life or skin care regime that can have a dramatic difference in how your skin feels. First, we focus on our environment. You should make sure you are using a humidifierwith your heating system and keeping the temperature at a good level, being careful not to set the temperature too high, as this will cause skin dryness.

Drinking a good amount of water will help combat dryness. This can be a little more challenging in the winter months.

Using professional skin care products at home. Glycolic cleansers and light scrubs would be an example of the proper products. One of the most important and beneficial actions you can take is having professional exfoliation services performed at least once a month. A few of the services that your esthetician can provide for you are a microdermabrasion, dermaplaning or a glycolic peel.

Cleveland winters are inevitable, but your skin does not have to be compromised because of it. We can keep our skin moisturized and beautiful year-round.

Our Spa at Spry is now open to anyone interested in our medical spa services. Consider scheduling a Revitalizing Glycolic Peel or dermaplaning treatment to help revitalize your skin. We also offer a wide range of premium ZO® Skin Health by Zein Obagi MD products to help you create and maintain healthy skin.

Call 216.957.7779 today to schedule an appointment.

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