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Raisa Lerner, MD

Lauren O'Byrne Gopal, DO


We enjoy being physicians at Spry because we get to tailor care to your needs and your life. Spry delivers an elevated health care experience, and our membership model allows us to provide benefits you won’t find anywhere else. At Spry, your health is as personal to us as it is to you.

Expert Care

Our physicians—board-certified with training in internal medicine—personally curate every aspect of your care, including navigating the health care system as needed.


Time with your physician centers on building a real relationship. And you communicate directly with your physician via calls, texts or emails.


Appointments—including next day or outside of standard business hours—can be in person, virtually via phone or other secure telemedicine portals—whatever works with your schedule.


With private entrances, a serene environment, and paid parking, we’ve created a stress-free and relaxing patient experience.

Discover the benefits of Spry. 

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