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Why I Practice Personal Primary Care

In elementary school, I gravitated toward math and science. Having also been a competitive athlete, I was always fascinated by the way the human body works so I spent time learning about health and nutrition. During college, I took the opportunity to become trained as an emergency medical technician.

In medical school, I originally thought about pursuing a career in emergency medicine because I liked making decisions quickly. I soon discovered that, for me, the joy of medicine is supporting someone on their health care journey. I was constantly curious about what happened to the patients I saw only once. I knew that primary care was my calling even before I started residency.

I enjoy learning about my patients, their lives and what is important to them. Everyone is different and has their own story to tell. It is rewarding to practice personalized primary care where I can use my medical knowledge and other life experiences to help my patients make informed decisions and achieve personalized goals.

Personalized primary care allows me to be an integral part of my patients’ care delivery. I am involved from the first time they present with a symptom through formulating a plan of care and coordinating that plan with specialists if needed. I like advocating for my patients while helping them understand their disease process. Establishing long-term relationships with my patients empowers me to follow through and ensure that all aspects of their treatment plan have been addressed.

At Spry, we want to understand your preferences and your concerns. We believe in ease of communication, including outside of traditional business hours. We pride ourselves in helping your interactions with the health care system run smoothly, which frees up time for you to be productive in your busy lives.

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